4 Stores in the UK Worth the Trip to Visit

While the world of Ecommerce is only getting bigger there are still plenty of shoppers who prefer to visit a store, and for good reason. The shopping experience in the majority of store has really improved over the last few years as the high street needs a USP to battle the internet with and while you can’t exactly test a designer sofa out or try a dress on via the websites, some are happy to purchase online to save money or remove hassle. It not all about customer experience, adding coffee shops, cafes and unique layouts to stores are keeping the high street alive, here’s a look at 5 examples of remarkable stores in the UK.


Waterstones in Manchester is located on Deansgate and is the biggest bookstore in the North. While most bookstores are very pleasant to wander around, Waterstones adds an extra level of quiet comfort, including couches, a cafe and gift shop making it a little more than a regular bookshop.

Arighi Bianchi

Based just outside Manchester in Macclesfield, Arighi Bianchi is a designer furniture store with over 100 years of experience. You’ll find this store’s layout beautiful and unique compared to other furniture stores. You’ll …

4 Ways You Can Create A Stylish Work Wardrobe

As if finding a new job or making a huge career change isn’t stressful enough, you also have to deal with dressing the part or figuring out the style of dress which is accepted in other workplaces. Weekend fashion is very different from that which some workplaces expect you to wear and it is vital that you create a capsule work wardrobe which you can mix and match through the seasons.

Whether your workplace is casual and you can get away with jeans and a blouse or you are expected to wear formal workwear, starting at a new workplace will mean that you have to spend some money on creating a stylish work wardrobe.

Trade Or Borrow

Before you start spending money, see what you can borrow from friends or family for the first week or so whilst you figure out what your new workplace’s dress code is. Reach out to those who are roughly the same dress size as you and ask to borrow a blouse or pair of work pants and be sure to keep track of what you have borrowed and who it belongs to. This is also ideal if you are heading for a professional interview

10 Tips for Highly Successful Travel and Hospitality Email Marketing Campaigns

The concept of email marketing is very effective for promoting business and tourism in the region. Email marketing is a strategy that must be applied by every business that wants to survive amid the dynamic development of digital technology today, one of which is the promotion of tourism business. In the past, many companies relied on television, radio, telephone, and billboards, now you can use email marketing to introduce products.

One of the advantages of email marketing is not only effective in capturing traffic and conversions, but also more efficient when viewed in terms of costs. For this reason, local tourism activists must promote and market tourist attractions using e-mail media. Email marketing activities carried out must be able to be as unique and as special as possible so that it can make the customer inevitably open your e-mail marketing and this is something about a measure of the success of a strategy.

For this reason, below are 10 tips for a very successful travel and hospitality email marketing campaign according the Campaign Monitor. Check out the following 10 tips:

  1. Give a warm welcome to tourists

When a traveler signs up for your email, it’s time to roll …

This is the Reason Why Flu Drugs Always Make You Sleepy

What if you are busy with activities, but the flu suddenly attacks? Of course, it feels very uncomfortable. Concentration becomes dispersed, all work becomes chaotic, even the body feels not fit. Want to take cold medicine, but are afraid to interfere with activities because they often cause drowsiness, which inhibits productivity. Before you buy medicine at a pharmacy or at an Canadian Pharmacy Online, you can consult your doctor or pharmacist so that you get the medicine according to your needs. Actually, what causes you to be drowsy after taking cold medicine? Find the answer in the following review.

What happens to the body when you catch the flu?

When you get a flu virus, your immune system will react to fight against the virus. You will experience flu symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes. Actually, this is not the work of a flu virus that attacks your body, but the work of histamine, which is one of the substances produced by your own immune system.

Histamine is a chemical produced by the immune system to fight allergens and germs, including the flu virus itself. The effect of histamine is that makes the blood vessels in …

Christmas Shopping Made Easy: Find the Perfect Stocking Fillers Online

No matter the age, Christmas is always one of the most exciting times of the year. But, we all know the annual tiresome stress of Christmas shopping can often distract us from the true joys of Christmas. It is typically a misconception that starting early will reduce the stress because everyone has the same idea making the stores scarily busy and hot – not forgetting the fighting that occurs over the last item on the shelf.  Shopping online is a great way to avoid the crowds and the stress and rows that come with them as well as being done from the comfort of your own home.


There is no greater tradition than opening a fresh set of underwear on Christmas morning. You can make the stocking filler extra special by treating your loved one to a set of designer lingerie that will last them all year round, which is totally worth the investment.


No matter what age you are, there is always something satisfying about opening a brand new set of pyjamas. A fresh set of pyjamas to snuggle down with a hot chocolate and the TV remote is unbeatable. Womens sleepwear is a forever expanding category …