How To Be More Sustainable With Fashion

Trying to be more sustainable is something many people are doing at the moment because of the impact of global warming. Furthermore, many things in your life need to change for you to be sustainable. One of them is fashion. In this article, we look at how you can become sustainable with your wardrobe.

Thirty Wears

Thirty wears is something we would advise everybody to do. Something many people do in the western country is wearing clothes once and then throw them away. One of the main reasons people are doing this is because of social media. As soon as they are spotted wearing that item once, they don’t want to be spotted wearing it again.

If you are one of those who throw away clothes because you have worn them once or it is out of fashion, you should probably look at evergreen clothing. Furthermore, if you wish to be more sustainable, you need to avoid fast fashion brands and target more organic brands that use sustainable materials such as Foolish. That way, you will ensure you will get over 30 wears out of them.

Be More Informed

It is time to educate yourself with more sustainable brands and what materials are organic. Additionally, we can guarantee that many fashion brands in the industry won’t be sustainable brands. Nonetheless, many brands are sustainable and they make sure you know they are. You will be surprised how many brands push for sustainable clothing in 2022.

The digital world makes it much easier for us to shop sustainably. All you need to do is search in Google “Organic fashion brands” or “Sustainable fashion brands”. Then you need to find a brand that is suited to you. Moreover, there are many organic fabrics to wear to ensure that the product you are wearing includes those organic fabrics.

Change Your Shopping Attitude

One thing you can do to become far more sustainable is to change the way you shop. Although it is all well and good shopping at organic fashion brands and buying organic women’s tracksuits.

To do this you need to ensure you are purchasing clothing items from vintage stores or second-hand/charity shops. Additionally, it is believed that over 300,000 tonnes of clothes are binned and not recycled. If you wish to be more environmentally cautious when buying clothes, purchase clothes from second-hand stores and rent clothes if you want a new outfit for an event.

Purchase Quality Over Quantity

Purchasing quality clothing over quantity will benefit you in the long run. The only issue with buying clothes for quality is that they are more expensive. Nonetheless, it will be more beneficial for you in the long run. Levi’s Jeans are one of those brands that are more expensive because the clothing is much more durable.


Shopping more sustainably takes some getting used to. Moreover, as soon as you get used to it, it will be more of a habit, so you will subconsciously do it. Living a sustainable lifestyle takes some time to get used to it but you will soon be a better person.