3 Simple Ways To Save Money When Shopping Online

Shopping online is simple and convenient, however this also makes it very easy to spend a lot of money. So, we have come up with a few very simple ways to save money whilst online shopping, without having to compromise on what you’re buying!

1. Look For Discount Codes

One of the easiest ways to save a good amount of money when shopping online is to look for discount codes. No matter whether you are shopping for magnesium supplements or a new hoover, simply find what you are looking for on a website and in a new tab, search “store name + discount codes”.

A range of different websites will appear that offer discount codes for many different things, for example free postage or 20{715d87b877910b8cf823b2db9c32461766a46606aac7e53598afcf192e684902} off your order. Whilst it might take a couple of goes to find a discount code that is applicable to your basket, it is worth doing considering how much money you can save!

You can also download software onto your internet browsers that will automatically suggest discount codes for the website you’re on. Not only this, but they can search their database and find the one that is best suited to your basket so you save the most money possible.

2. Keep Items In Your Wishlist

When you find something you like online, create an account and place the item into your basket or onto your wishlist. Wait around 24 hours and in many cases, you will receive an email containing a discount code for your order or on the particular items in your basket.

The website registers what is in your basket and usually has an automatic setting to send an email as a form of retargeting potential customers. This is so simple to do and as long as you have time to wait, can be very effective!

3. Subscribe To Mailing Lists

Many websites offer discounts when you sign up to their mailing lists, which is completely free to do. You are likely to find a small section on a website that asks you to sign up to the mailing list for a 10{715d87b877910b8cf823b2db9c32461766a46606aac7e53598afcf192e684902} discount, for example. You simply input your email and then enjoy the discount!

Mailing lists benefit retailers as email marketing is often a large part of their marketing campaigns. It can help to increase traffic to their websites, so following the initial discount code they send you, you are likely to receive regular emails that will continue to provide useful information and further discounts for the website.

These are also often tailored to your shopping habits, so if you have bought vitamin D tablets in the past, you might get a discount via email when winter approaches again.


It can be really simple to save money when shopping online, which is a significant advantage over traditional shopping. These three simple methods can help you to save a lot of money and take barely any time, so next time you shop make sure to look for discount codes, keep items in your wishlist and subscribe to mailing lists to make the most of your shopping!