4 Easiest Ways To Start A Successful Tik Tok page

The new age of social media success has been found on the online entertainment platform TikTok. Its surge to success during the 2020 lockdown has brought an array of new influencers into the limelight that if it wasn’t for the platform, would probably be living normal lives. The great thing about this app is that just about anyone can go ‘viral’ off one video, but the key to holding onto that success is somewhat unclear to a lot of people. Here we will give our suggestions that have been tried and tested to give anyone a competitive advantage when starting on their journey to Tik Tok stardom.

Find your niche

Having a discussion with yourself in terms of what content you wish to put out there is important. Not only is it key to confirm what you wish to put out, but it is also necessary to understand that there are already 100,000 other people putting out that same content at least, so what are you going to be doing differently? If you are hoping to be a fashion influencer, look at all the top influencers and see what they are doing right, are they posting clothing reviews for christmas party dresses , or showing 50 ways to style corset tops? Also figure out what might be missing which you can optimize in your content. Spending some time on market research will help you in the long term so don’t neglect its importance.

Confirm your target audience

Following the last point, you should try to put yourself in the shoes of the viewer. If you are an aspiring fashion influencer, what content do you like to digest? What kind of viewer are you, and how can you target viewers that have similar interests to you? Also clicking on the comments of videos can be valuable, there you have all the people that are seeing the content that you wish to target. See their thoughts and opinions, and take them as criticism and advice for yourself when you start to make your videos.

Get used to the controls and effects

If you haven’t used Tiktok the controls and different effects to make the videos might seem daunting. Keep things simple and just learn how to use the timer, for now, to cut your videos into chunks, and remember to adjust the video length before you start recording. I would advise you to check out youtube video tutorials to help if you are completely new to this.

Post to the public and do it consistently

Once you have created your content videos and you believe they meet the viewers’ standards that you are trying to target, post them! A key to building your following is to post constantly. Even if some days your content isn’t up to scratch, making sure TikTok can see you are consistent will eventually boost your videos onto the for you page, giving more people a chance to interact, and hopefully make you go viral!