Beyond the Battlefield: Styling Utility Trousers for Everyday Wear

Cargo pants or utility trousers have become extremely popular in the last couple of years and have contributed massively to the streetwear for men scene but they have also become a staple among men’s and women’s fashion. With many different variations being created, there is a style of utility trousers for everyone. They offer a comfortable fit while being extremely versatile so it would be surprising if you didn’t already have them as a part of your capsule wardrobe.

Hopping onto trends can be one thing but when it comes to styling, it might be overwhelming or complicated for some people. So if you are struggling to style your utility trousers, look no further, as we have you covered.

How To Wear Cargo Pants

You might have noticed that your utility pants come with an adjustable toggle at the cuff of the pants. This is where you can tighten your pants to either fold them over your shoe however you desire or keep them tighter on your ankle. This feature makes them extremely versatile so you can adjust the fit based on other aspects, such as trainers or preferences.

These are some of the basic tips you might find useful when you want to wear your brand-new utility trousers.

Full Blown Utility

While not going full throttle and matching it with other utilitarian things like a matching jacket or overshirt. If you are looking for something to style in the summer, why don’t you go for a utility vest? This way, you only have to make sure the shoes match and have a plain tee underneath. Overall, this look is classic and cohesive, making getting dressed so much easier.

Sweaters and Hoodies

The best part of utility trousers is that they go with pretty much everything; they are so versatile that you wouldn’t have to go on a whole shopping spree to get something to compliment them. But if you want to elevate your look, you could pair it with a quality heavyweight hoodie or jumper with your tee poking out at the bottom. This can turn a casual outfit into something quality.

Men’s Graphic Tee’s

During the summer months, get rid of the jumpers and hoodies and add a pop of colour with a graphic tee that adds a bit of something to the outfit. As most of your utility trousers tend to be plain you can make the most of it and add some pops of colour you see fit. Therefore, if you’ve got a pair of grey utility pants, go for a white well-fitted top with some fun graphics on it to fully embody the summer days.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to utility trousers, you cannot go wrong with styling and they are basically the new denim jeans. They go with everything and are dressed up and down for every occasion, so while you’ve got the blank canvas that cargo pants bring, we would recommend you go crazy with it and add some of your personal touches. As long as you are confident and comfortable in your outfit, that’s all that matters. Fashion is self-expression so you might as well have fun with it.