How Gen Z Has Changed The World Of Fashion

There’s no denying that Gen Z has been influential in a number of different ways, but perhaps the biggest impact this generation has had is on the fashion industry. These 10-25-year-olds have grown up with technology at their disposal and have shown to adapt to new trends at a surprisingly quick pace, not least with fashion.

Unlike previous generations, who largely created their own looks, ideas and trends, Gen Z has mostly taken the best from each generation before them and made them their own, particularly when it comes to fashion. With that in mind, let’s take a look at exactly how Gen Z has changed the world of fashion.

Bringing Back Old Trends

Do you remember the low-rise jeans trend of the early 00s? Or still have a few beloved pieces from being a teenager in the late 90s/early 00? If so, then you’ll likely be surprised to learn that, just like everything, these trends have come back full circle and are now being loved all over again by Gen Z’ers. All the typical 00s fashion trends seem to be slowly returning – womens crop tops, slip dresses, small bags, party bodysuits, chunky trainers – and it’s all thanks to Gen Z.

Not Accepting Of Fast Fashion

Fast fashion has had disastrous impacts on the environment and no one wants to change this more than Gen Z. As a generation who have only known fast fashion, they’ve had a phenomenal impact on the popularity of thrift shopping and vintage clothing resurgence and want to make sure that their fashion choices are sustainable and economical.

Although changing how you shop won’t solve everything, but when it comes to a whole generation making a similar choice, it’s definitely a great starting point and it seems more positive for future fashion trends. The fashion industry is the second most damaging industry to the environment, so it’s great to see that Gen Z is hopefully making lasting and positive changes.

However, the major fast fashion brands are seemingly taking this as a challenge and are looking to reach the Gen Z audience through social media posts, super-cheap prices and using popular influencers as their brand ambassadors.

All For Inclusivity

Not only is Gen Z making more sustainable fashion choices, but they are also looking to include everyone within their movement. Compared to other generations, Gen Z are more encouraging and welcoming to people who are who they want to be, dress how they want and express themselves. The fashion industry has actually listened to this call for change and, now more so than ever, unisex and gender-neutral clothes are becoming easily available to buy, with gender-inclusive fashion brands on the rise.

Gen Z is looking to get everyone represented in the fashion world and are wholly supportive of those who feel comfortable expressing themselves. They’re being political through their fashion choices, much like we’ve seen in previous generations, particularly through the 60s and 70s.

Gen Z has has an overly positive impact on the fashion industry and have been steadfast in promoting this much-needed change.