How To Keep Your Clothes In Great Condition

With the cost of everything rising by the day, the last thing we want to spend our money on is the replacement of our existing clothes. We all love having a full wardrobe of clothes that we can style to our heart’s content, but not looking after these clothes is not only detrimental to our bank accounts, but also to the environment.

The key to maintaining your clothes is to first have a collection of pieces that you love. You might feel less inclined to maintain clothing that you have only spent a small portion of money on, however, clothing items such as luxury hoodies that use quality fabrics should always have as much care and attention as possible.

If you want your clothes to look great for as long as possible, follow these tips:

Read Care Labels

Many of us tend to neglect the importance of reading care labels. If you have fashion pieces that you want to last for a long time. You should always read the care label before your first wash. They are extremely useful in advising what steps you should take to maintain the item, in addition to what temperatures they should be washed at, etc.

Wash Inside Out

If you have items such as jeans, or faux leather clothing that you wish to last a long time you should always wash these items inside out. This also applies to clothing such as mens designer t-shirts with prints on them, as putting too many chemicals on such items will remove any prints and break down the fibers.

Avoid Stuffing The Washer

We have all been guilty of stuffing our washing machines as much as possible with as many items to get the job done. Overloading your washing machine is one of the worst things you can do for the maintenance of your items. Compiling your clothing will cause friction that will break down the fibers of your clothes due to them rubbing together, in addition to them not having enough space for a good cleaning.

Avoid The Dryer

If you have a machine dryer you may be damaging your clothes more than you would like to think. Machine dryers are known to be one of the biggest factors in breaking down the fabrics on your clothing, which as a result would cause shrinkages and also susceptibility to holes in the fabric. You should air dry whenever possible because it is the most gentle way to get your clothes dry in addition to being better for the environment. You may be surprised at how many of your current clothing items advise you not to machine dry on the clothing label!

Stuff Your Shoes And Bags

The shape of your shoes and bags is one of the easiest things to break down if not looked after properly. Throwing all your shoes and bags at the bottom of your closet to be crushed is probably the reason why you have to replace them every so often. Be smart, and start stuffing your shoes and bags with tissue paper or old socks to help them maintain their shape. It is one of the easiest hacks for keeping them looking brand new, and yet we all neglect using such helpful tips.