How To Style Your Watch in 2023

Wearing a watch feels like such a natural thing to do – simply put it on your wrist and you’re done! But, even though it feels like second nature, there are some ways to wear and style your watch differently depending on your outfit or occasion.

In the world of fashion, where every detail matters, the classic watch has surpassed being a simple timepiece. Not even watches are immune from the changing of trends, but unlike fashion, the trends change at a much slower pace. This is because many people buy watches with the intention of wearing them for many, many years. This being said, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a number of different ways in which you can wear and style your watch.

Wear On Your Non-Dominant Hand

Conventionally, watches are worn on the wrist of your non-dominant hand as this means your watch is less likely to get in the way or become damaged. By wearing on your non-dominant hand, you can then layer with additional accessories, such as bracelets or bangles. Wearing on your left hand is said to be the traditional way of wearing a watch, however, if you are left-handed then you might find that it gets in the way!

Change or Update Your Watch Strap

Your watch strap can be a quick and easy way to change the style, look and appearance of your watch. Whether you want a premium watch strap for a more sophisticated style, or a more rugged strap that’s suitable for outdoor activities, then changing your watch strap is really easy and means you can feel like you have a new watch every time.

Wristwatches should be secure in place on your wrist, but it should not be tight against your arm. You might prefer to adjust the band or strap so that it’s not too uncomfortable when wearing, so be sure to adjust the straps so that it fits accordingly. With specialist watch straps, such as a RAF strap, these may be more comfortable to wear as.

Follow Watch Trends

Although watch trends don’t change as frequently as fashion trends, there are still regular styles that come out which a lot of watch designers use as inspiration. For example, this year Rolex has introduced bright watch faces again – reminiscent of its trends from the 70s – in order to bring more colour to its watches. Back in 2020, they did the same, with the release of the colour Perpetual Oyster dials in coral red, turquoise blue, yellow, candy pink and green. This design is synonymous with Rolex’s dedication to artistry and technique.

Another trend that continues to live on is the open skeleton faces and, often, the more intricate the better. The ability to see the motors and fine inner workings of a watch is something that a lot of watch collectors, or even just watch fans, are keen on seeing – especially if they are spending large amounts of money on their timepieces.