How To Wear Streetwear Like An Adult

Lockdown has gone and people are getting back to normal. Shops and restaurants are opening up outdoors and more and more people are getting used to being back at the office. For those who have been working from home for the past year, well, it may feel strange putting on a suit or shirt. Many people have been wearing full tracksuits or have a tidy top with pyjama bottoms. Do you feel more comfortable in a bomber jacket or a suit jacket? A zip-up sweater or office attire?

Well, with more people wanting to be comfy whilst working it is becoming a lot more popular to be mixing athleisure with smart apparel to create a streetwear look made for adults. In this article, we will go through some tips which you can use to look smart but comfortable on your first day back at the office.

Always Go For Premium Fabrics

Streetwear originated from extreme sports like skateboarding. They were made to be durable so they could withstand falls which would usually look pretty box-like and very unflattering. With the streetwear look ever-changing and new items coming out every week, designers have started to produce their clothing cheaply and aligning with fast fashion. These items are not like the previous generation, as these items are not made to last, especially when on a skateboard.

Opting for key garments which have premium fabrics will allow you to still follow the streetwear look whilst also looking professional. They will also last you much longer than the cheaper fabrics.

Buy An All Rounder Pair Of Trainers

In streetwear, some things don’t change. Especially when it comes to trainers. Trainers are the butter to the bread, salt to the pepper, they are basically a staple item when it comes to streetwear. People pay vast amounts of money to get the new style of hype beast trainers but when you are a grown-up and have bills to pay, this just seems a bit pointless for some. However, if you were going to get one thing premium, it should be trainers.

A great tip is to go for a brand that you know will last as long as brogues, but also has a sense of your style as this is all that streetwear is all about.

Put Aside The Hypebeast Culture

For many of the younger generation hypebeasts, they feel the vibe of following the next big trend, or the next exclusive item that has been made. They enjoy the long queues overnight to get the next rare sneaker, but the truth is that most of these items will look different in five years time and will probably get laughed at for being out of fashion. However, when you grow up, it is completely different. Try and find something that flatters your silhouette no matter the brand.

Don’t Oversize Your Style

Oversized and baggy clothing is all the phase right now for the younger urban streetwear hypebeasts, however, this only looks good when you are young, skinny and have a bit of flair about you. The truth is though, adults can’t really pull this look off. It’s not sophisticated enough for the office which is why you should move away from baggy and move to either loose or tailored fitting which compliments your figure whilst also being comfy.