Luxury watches – simple how to guide

Everyone knows that one of the best ways to show your status is displaying it through subtle yet powerful accessories of designer quality and timeless style. While for women it is relatively easy to find items that will fit their everyday looks, be it jewelry or a bag from one of the world renown designers, all of which can be found while shopping in pretty much any bigger mall, for men it is traditional to display their wealth and status on their wrist.

Designer watches – what are they and what they mean

A good quality watch is, above all, a sign of status. Watches for men specifically show their professionalism and sense of style. Thus it is very important to consider these characteristics when picking a watch, as they will help a person to outwardly display their good qualities.

While women have a lot of quality material to browse through while choosing accessories, oftentimes the same precious metals (like gold or bronze) can be used for watchmaking. Of course material isn’t the only thing that shows quality. They are called designer watches for a reason after all. The design and colour are very important, as they can show someone’s maturity or energy. It is therefore important to pick a watch according to one’s character and preferences while also keeping in mind how would you like to present yourself. For example toned and muted colours such as grey can show how calm and collected a person is, while colours such as orange, show a charismatic and energetic temperament.

It is also good to stick to the classics when it comes to shapes. A lot of luxury marks create designs that are, in a lot of ways similar. Because of that the product is timeless and fasionable no matter the time or ocassion.

Meaningful details – blue dial

One of the popular colour for dials, especially for men’s luxury watches is deep blue. Blue dials signify stability and intelligence, as well as peace – all of which are characteristics very much sought after in a business professional. Some brands even embraced the blue dial as their main colour, as shown in this example:

Men’s designer watches – how to shop

Outside of a good brand and a high price, it is far more important to know how to properly match the accessory to other features of the outfit. It is also necessary to wear your watch with confidence and sophistication. If you remember these guidelines you will present a sense of confidence and luxury without necessarily spending insane amount of money. Oftentimes different stores and brands offer special deals and sales on their site or in the stationary shop. Because of this it is best to do some research and create a specific plan for the purchase. One of your options to up your total savings to maximum is to wait for a sale. You can plan it by looking up previous sales in the shop and researching when most similar shops have their items discounted. If you have eyes on a particular collection it could be wise to wait untill it is no longer the newest (and thus most expensive) one. Remember – a really good quality watch will not go out of style within one season, so if you’re worried abour that, maybe it isn’t the best choice. A true sophisticated man chooses things that last and doesn’t follow a trend.

Other ways of smartly approaching watch shopping is to join a particular brand’s loyalty program. If you have a specific thing in mind it might be a wise step to sign to a newsletter or a club, if there is one.

Perfect fit for your business day ensemble

Some of Pretty much anyone at this point heard of rolex as a luxury brand, truth is that the world’s watch market is a lot bigger than that. Notable examples of exclusive luxury brands are Salvatore Ferragamo, Movado or Paul Rich who’s site can be found here: