The Best Home Shopping Tips

It’s often difficult to know exactly what to get and what to buy when it comes to designing your home. When social media is awash with influencers posting their home decor on instagram, the pressure to curate a welcoming and relaxing space that reflects your personality can be overwhelming. However, there are some small changes you can make to your shopping strategy that might make decorating your home less stressful- even fun!

1.  Plan out your space

If you print out the floorplans of your home, you can sketch out where you want your furniture to go. This will help you conceptualise a space that is tailored to your needs- without moving all of your furniture around before you know where it will go! This will help you to determine how much you can buy- before you buy ornaments and realise they don’t fit

2.  Curate Your Themes

Nothing is worse than a space that doesn’t know the vibe it wants to be! For example, if you have fitted a modern, industrial kitchen, farmhouse or vintage style ornaments and homeware may cloud the vision of your space. Pay attention to what you have picked in terms of wallpaper or appliances, so you can choose accessories to compliment your home, rather than clash with it.

3.  Work With Your Budget Room to Room

Many people fall into the trap of buying one expensive item to decorate one room of the house, and this means the other rooms are neglected and are often left a bit empty looking. If you set out a clear budget for each room and stick to it, this will mean that your home looks more cohesive as a result.

4.  Know Your Fabrics

The fabrics on your soft furnishings are such an important part of what makes your house comfortable, and really ties together your living spaces. Something as simple as co-ordinating the curtains and the carpet in the living room can demonstrate how knowing your fabric can transform your space massively.

5.  Prioritise Things That Are Beneficial to Comfort

Many people fall into the trap of prioritising style over comfort, but a home is your respite from the pressures of life. Picking the best fitted bed sheets, soft cushions and warm throws can transform your night’s sleep. Prioritising your comfort is imperative when making a space that you can relax and recuperate in.

6.  Pick What You Like and Have Fun!

Often it is all too easy to compare the interior of your homes to celebrities or influencers, and be insecure about the layout of your home. Sometimes, people shy away from buying ornaments or unusual curtains for their home that reflect their own individuality.

They might try to copy an instagram account or magazine, item for item- and find themselves in a home they do not recognise! So don’t copy anyone else- be yourself and design a home that represents you.