What Is BioThane Material?

The mere mention of BioThane may not ring any bells. But you shouldn’t be surprised to know that we come across products made of BioThane material more often than we think. You may have likely come in contact with BioThane when using a wallet, or when camping, or even while walking your dog. It won’t be wrong to say that biothane is one of the most widely used materials today.

The first genuine BioThane was manufactured in 1977 to create a solution for sturdy and durable coated webbing. Today, BioThane is present across industries that require coated webbing that is easy to maintain and strap. BioThane material is widely used in sporting, military, safety, canine, equine, and medical industries.

So, what is BioThane, and why BioThane material is used?

BioThane is an artificial material trademarked by BioThane Coated webbing Corp. BioThane is a brand of coated webbing products first invented and manufactured by BioThane Coated webbing Corp. BioThane material is polyester webbing with a coating of either polyvinylchloride (PVC) or thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This strong rubber-coated webbing is durable, weld-able, easy to clean, and water-proof.

Given the durability and usability of BioThane, many prefer it over leather. However, unlike leather, biothane material is easy to clean and maintain. Even after getting smudged in the dirt, you can wipe clean the BioThane material, and it would be good as new. Biothane is available in various colour options, sizes, and thicknesses.

How strong is BioThane Material?

One of the many advantages of BioThane is its strength. It’s extremely strong. Lab tests have shown that the break strength of 3/8″ width BioThane webbing is around 375 lbs. Similarly, the break strength of 1/2″ width and 3/4″ width is 500 lbs and 750 lbs. These webbings are clearly made to last for years.

Why is BioThane Material superior to other materials?

In industries ranging from medical, safety, canine to equine, BioThane has replaced other materials. Professionals who work around dogs and equines have made BioThane a material of choice.

Here are some reasons why biothane material is preferred over other materials.

  • BioThane webbing, which is coated in a PVC or TPU material, is incredibly soft. Besides being soft, biothane is lightweight yet strong. Depending on the width of the material, the break strength of biothane can range between 400 to 3000 pounds.
  • Since BioThan is soft, it’s easy to handle and work with. The best part about BioThane is that it resembles leather. However, it’s sturdier than leather and can retain its flexibility over its lifespan.
  • Unlike leather, BioThan material doesn’t fade or deteriorate due to UV exposure. Besides this, BioThane has resistance to chemicals, oil, salt, and other elements.
  • One of the most incredible features of BioThane material is that it is antimicrobial and has resistance to fungus and mould. The material also doesn’t absorb any odour.
  • Compared to leather and other materials, cleaning biothane is easy. One can use a damp cloth or towel to wipe down the material.