10 Tips for Highly Successful Travel and Hospitality Email Marketing Campaigns

The concept of email marketing is very effective for promoting business and tourism in the region. Email marketing is a strategy that must be applied by every business that wants to survive amid the dynamic development of digital technology today, one of which is the promotion of tourism business. In the past, many companies relied on television, radio, telephone, and billboards, now you can use email marketing to introduce products.

One of the advantages of email marketing is not only effective in capturing traffic and conversions, but also more efficient when viewed in terms of costs. For this reason, local tourism activists must promote and market tourist attractions using e-mail media. Email marketing activities carried out must be able to be as unique and as special as possible so that it can make the customer inevitably open your e-mail marketing and this is something about a measure of the success of a strategy.

For this reason, below are 10 tips for a very successful travel and hospitality email marketing campaign according the Campaign Monitor. Check out the following 10 tips:

  1. Give a warm welcome to tourists

When a traveler signs up for your email, it’s time to roll out the red carpet. Send your new contact a welcome email with warm greetings and information that encourages customers to learn more about your brand.

You can automate the welcome email so that they are triggered to arrive at the customer’s inbox immediately after registering. Research shows welcome emails sent in real-time have an open rate of 88{715d87b877910b8cf823b2db9c32461766a46606aac7e53598afcf192e684902} and 29{715d87b877910b8cf823b2db9c32461766a46606aac7e53598afcf192e684902} click-through, which is significantly higher than welcome emails sent in batches that collect 52{715d87b877910b8cf823b2db9c32461766a46606aac7e53598afcf192e684902} open rates and 12{715d87b877910b8cf823b2db9c32461766a46606aac7e53598afcf192e684902} click-through rates.

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  1. Give travel inspiration

With so many places to visit, travelers need inspiration. Research shows more and more travelers are looking to visit lesser-known areas or non-tourist areas. Create and send emails that display exotic places to visit or remote small towns.

Whatever purpose you mean, make sure you include extraordinary images. Pictures not only attract attention, but they also help travelers imagine themselves sitting under a palm tree or walking around the city streets.

  1. Personalize travel ideas and offers

Even though sending an email filled with fun travel destinations is a good start, you can improve your email game by personalizing the email.

Personalized email is more relevant to customers, which makes it more likely to open and click.

  1. Give gift ideas on holidays

When the holidays arrive, send travel ideas. People always look for good gifts, so why not encourage them to think outside the gift-giving box? You can try sending a promotional email on your chosen holiday.

  1. Give testimonials

Travelers don’t just surf the web for the most affordable trips; they also read reviews. Ninety-three percent of travelers worldwide say their booking decisions are influenced by online reviews.

Because tourists rely heavily on reviews, why not help them? Consider creating an email that has some testimonials from happy customers, and provide a link for customers to read more.

  1. Encourage tourists to join your loyalty program

Loyalty is a difficult thing to solve in the business of travel and hospitality. Tourists tend to look for the best deals rather than choosing a particular brand. However, if you have a gift program, you can use it to encourage loyalty and repeat business.

Members of the loyalty program generate 12 to 18 percent more revenue for a brand than non-members in 2016.

  1. Give loyalty to members to travel

After attracting customers to your loyalty program, you can send email specifically for this niche. Consider grouping these lists into small groups based on buying behavior, popular destinations, or locations.

By sifting through your list, you can provide relevant travel ideas and incentives that encourage travelers to take action.

  1. Give access to experience

Tourists seek experience, not just goals. That is why it is important to promote activities available to travelers. By focusing on travel and not just goals, you can create an impressive customer experience.

  1. Offer a limited time agreement

Seventy-six percent of business travelers and 70{715d87b877910b8cf823b2db9c32461766a46606aac7e53598afcf192e684902} of vacation travelers book with certain brands because of the price.

Considering the priorities of big pricing, send an email to your customers that gives them the opportunity to make great trips at unbeatable prices. Show customers how sweet this transaction is by setting a deadline for them. Strict deadlines must encourage customers to act quickly.

  1. Give tourists the opportunity for spontaneity

It takes an average of 45 days to book a vacation. However, not every traveler invests such planning time.

In fact, some travelers are looking to go quickly. Give customers the opportunity to make spontaneous trips with offers of emails that cannot be rejected.