How to encourage your customers to write reviews for your online shop

Customer reviews are very powerful and can triple your sales. This is because potential customers tend to trust third party reviews than what you put up on your website or social media pages. Here are tips for getting your customers to write a review for your online shop:

Get listed on reviews platform

As a business owner, you should be sure that your company is not only listed on reviews platform like, but in the right section. People who want to drop reviews for you might check a reviews website and when you are not on the website or in the right section, they might not be able to drop review. As an online store, your company should be listed where customers can drop reviews about online shopping.

Do your homework well

Ensure that your online shop has a strong presence on all the major social media platforms that influence customers giving reviews. For instance, people like to read reviews on Google a lot, so you can register your online business with Google. Other sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. are important too. After, make it easy for your customers to write reviews.

You can send them an email immediately after they buy your product or service and keep sending them reminders till they bulge. However, try not to ask too quickly. It can be annoying; give them some space to use your products or enjoy your service so that they can write a proper review.  Ensure that you keep the follow-up email simple though. Customers might shut off completely if you keep disturbing them.

Treat your customers well

Customers will be happy to leave reviews for your online shop if you treat them just right. This includes being patient with them all through the buying journey, answering their questions and giving clarifications when needed, showing that you care about them beyond the money you will get from them, Once you get off on the right footing with your customers, they will be willing to help grow your business. They will not only write reviews but also refer people in their circles to you.

Reward your customers

This is a strategy most big brands use and you can copy it too. Naturally, customers like to be rewarded for doing something, especially if they are not obligated to do it. you can decide to hand out some points or give some credit to every customer who writes reviews. This is not to suggest that you pay for reviews, paying for reviews will not be harmful to your brand in the long run because people can easily detect dishonest reviews. Don’t settle for anything less than authentic and honest reviews.

Tell reviewers exactly what you want

Be specific about the things you want people to say. If you are not, you would likely get shallow and one-word reviews that do not help your brand. If you want worded answers rather than stars, ask questions that would warrant the answers you want to get. You can use a survey, a blank text box might not give the results you need. Also, ensure the surveys are mobile-friendly, as most people who shop online use mobile phones to do so.

Thank your reviewers

Your customers have done you a favour, and you should be appreciative enough to thank them. Schedule time to go through review sites, your website and social media pages to thank everyone and reply to them with what speaks to what they wrote. This effectively manages your business’ reputation.