Starting preschool is the next step in your child’s development, this is where they are going to learn to interact with different people, learn new skills and prepare themselves for actual school. Many parents ask themselves if their child is ready for preschool but the truth is that the earlier they go, the better chances they have for success later on in life.

Preparing your child academically may sound difficult but as long as you are reading, playing and doing activities with them, you are preparing them for preschool. There are a few other things that will help to get your child prepared for preschool which we will go through now.

Set A Routine

This is both important for parents and children as you all need to get into a routine for school. Children often feel uneasy with change so it is best to start early. If a child follows a routine it allows your child to make some decisions of their own which is great for when children are at preschool. It is proven that if a child follows a routine, they have a sense of normality and learn new skills such as sequences and time. This will ensure a smoother transition into preschool.

Read Preschool orientated Books

There are a great selection of children’s books out there about preschool which can be picked up in book stores, or if you have a library, they will also have them there. This will help your child get used to the idea of preschool, so it is best to start this early on in the process and before they begin. This is a fun way of getting your child ready whilst also helping them to identify roles with characters which will hopefully help them to feel better on their first couple of days.

Visit The Pre School

Before your child goes to preschool, it is best to arrange a visit and explore the place where they will spend their time. Showing the child around the classroom and having a play in the playground will allow your child to get used to the area. A great way to get your child excited is by introducing them to their teacher, this will allow them to get to know who will be looking after them when mum and dad have left. Visiting their preschool will help them to feel a little less anxious on their first day and familiarise themselves with their surroundings.

Prepare For The First Day

It is always best to speak to the teacher before they start to see what their first day will involve. This way, you can prepare for anything your child has planned for that day. For example, if the child is doing messy play, it might be best to take a coverall bib so they don’t wreck their clothing. Or a toy for show and tell. It is always a good idea to have a little backpack with some fresh clothing, snacks and other things they may need on that day such as their baby washcloth so they don’t have to have a dirty face if they get food around them etc.